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Today is Krish’s Birthday

Today is Krish’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Krish! :-)

Krishtalyn is my college crush and one of the very few ideal woman that I want to marry think exist.  We’re friends although I never had much contact with her since college because all my stalking skills have gone Also she seems to be enjoying life now both career-wise and relationship-wise. Of course, that makes me happy more than anything else.

Either way, happy birthday again and best wishes!

I Like You,… a Lot

I Like You,… a Lot

Uhm, yeah that was the case I guess. It just so happened that I’m too late na. :(

I was kind of like viewing all the old pictures in Friendster and it quickly flashed me back to the past. Its like 4th year, I felt that I’m starting to like the BEST girl in school. She then happened to like me din, but her feeling was much quicker to diminish than mine. :(

Fast forward to today, its been 6 years and I want to cry. Uhm, can I actually not turn back the clock? Hahah, stupid me of course I can’t! But I mean maybe there’s a way to do so? Like could I invest in some technological equipments that could guarantee me to do this?

I like you, a lot. Maybe at some point you would also….? Obviously not! But I can always help..  :) The feeling and urge of me loving and helping someone without the need of getting back in return is… Can I not be happy just to be someone playing behind the scenes? Of course I can. But why do I feel so melancholic?

Maybe its just me, or maybe its just for this day as I type this entry. Or maybe I could go simply just by keeping it into myself. I don’t know… Don’t we have any undo buttons that we could use maybe just three times? I mean I haven’t used any pa naman eh..:(

Can I not turn back the clock really? Try more effort to show someone that I love her and maybe we’re the right pair together? I could possibly turn the clock eh? how?

Happy Birthday Krish

Happy Birthday Krish

First of all I’d like to greet the most beautiful woman in the world named Krish a happy and blessed 22nd birthday. It’s kind of  sad because for the longest time, I don’t have any gift to her. Part of the reason is that there has been some emergencies here in house, some unfortunate illness that me and my family have to battle through. :(

Nevertheless, I wish her the best in her new work and new place and I’d be very elated if I see her soon. Love lots!

Maybe It’s time for Me to Move to a New Direction

Maybe It’s time for Me to Move to a New Direction

Contrary to what many people feel, my love life has been alive since the 2nd trimester of my 1st year college. Of course being “in-love” varies differently for various people. For some its being in a relationship, for some it’s satisfying sexual desire and for some, well there’s really a lot so I wouldn’t go on here and enumerate gazillion of variations.

Anyways, I don’t know. I’ve been always a guy who believes in the pureness of things or whatnot and I’ve been really focused on doing what is right.

So I’ve been doing, what I was suppose to be doing for nearly 4 years now. I express things based on how I think it should presented and I try to be as neutral as possible. But now there seems to be some cloudy things going on in that aspect and all signs right now are pointing to one this one thing…

moving on to a new direction.

I don’t know, the other day I was browsing Facebook and found out something that made me stop for a while. Most of the times, things went my way. I mean after my 3rd year of college I thought everything would end, but it didn’t and I was really grateful for that one more year.

And now Im smelling things differently. What was super into my advantage was no longer the case and things are kind off like heading opposite directions now. That thin line that binds us together has become thinner, technically almost non-existent anymore. She’s going left and I’m going right and looks like it time to pack up.

I keep thinking of you

I keep thinking of you

I don’t know but i think im insane for thinking of you for so many hours in one day. Everytime I wake up, every time i go to sleep, at the middle of the day, everytime i go to facebook, everytime I listen to Taylor Swift songs.. rarrgghh, you just eat a lot of my time, you know that?

I couldn’t really fathom why I’m so attracted to you, why I always think of you, why I always seem to get to think so much about you. You are pretty, you’re kind, you’re sophisticated, you’re amiable, adorable, lovable and etc. But isn’t it that all those values are just worldly values that Im always good in dismissing at? im getting tested pretty bad thats for sure.

at some part, its nice to know you’re all Im thinking about. And on some part, its not. it makes me want to weep. :(

How I Did My Valentine Gift (and How I Gave it)

How I Did My Valentine Gift (and How I Gave it)

It’s exactly now one week since I gave my valentines gift to a girl named Krish. If you know me, that simple process has always gone a long way. It takes a lot of time for me to do those things and I strategize a lot (although my strategies are fairly incompetent).


I always thought I was lucky to have a friend named Raymond Castillo. Why? Well he’s the one who buys the flowers for me. He knows where the best deals are and he’s really beneficial to me. I don’t think I can buy flowers myself. Anyways it all started out with him giving me the flowers in the mall Feb.13. I came in the mall real early and had to wait for an hour before getting the flowers.

I used that to my advantage. Instead of just waiting in the food court, I first checked the Sun Shop if she was on duty.  Afterward, I went to the National Bookstore to buy the stuffs I need for making a card. Interestingly I went to that place as well the day before and bought some stupid scrap booking tools. I ended up realizing it was a lame idea and besides, scrapbooking isn’t really something I’ve ever done. Long story short, the purchase from the other day was a complete waste of time and money.

So after going to the National Bookstore, I proceeded to Papemelroti to buy some other papers. Papemelroti has been always my place in terms of choosing unique gifts and add-ons. I bought a stationary, a yarn and some scrapbooking stuffs (anew).

I wrote my draft of the letter I would give to her in the foodcourt. It was real embarrassing for me. The whole week has been a very busy stretch for me so I didn’t have the time to create one from home.

Finally after quite some time of waiting, Raymond and the flowers finally came. Again it was embarrassing because people were curious why a guy gave a flower to a fellow guy, yeah whatever! Another bad thing is that the flowers didn’t have a cover. So I have to carry them together while walking and ignoring people who were looking at me. I actually had a 6 piece red rose for her and a 3 piece pink rose for my mom. My original hope was that I can get tulips but it wasnt available.

Being a smart ass that I am, I immediately went to the supermarket, deposited the flower, pretended to buy something inside the supermarket but actually just went out in the other exit. That’s a good tactic because it spared me from the “looks” of some morons. I went back to the National Bookstore and bought a big paperbag so that flowers would be in there and I don’t have to carry that anymore.

So its now getting a bit late, I had to rush it now because maybe her shift is ending. Luckily another friend named Kevin Wally Monge gave me the details of the shifting schedule in SM. It’s amazing how your friends were just willing to help you in exchange for nothing.

Now I am about to write the letter. I went to the foodcourt but suuuucccckkkkssss, there are so many people out there that its obvious Im writing a love letter. I went out there and instead placed myself inside Wendys. I bought their stupid Frosty dessert and I sat at the farthest corner. Because not a lot of people eat at Wendy’s I was able to write the letter without being wary. I was also able to put the yarn and other add-ons to that letter as well.

Ok I had the flowers in my hands that time and am going to third floor, Sun Shop in particular. As expected I stayed there for more than 30 minutes. Shit, there were so many people there and she was really busy, everyone there is busy. So I waited and waited and waited to almost no avail. Then there’s this ugly guy who was like behind me observing the flowers. He was there for like 20 minutes for some probably lame reasons.

Because that guy annoys me ( and that he is ugly), I decided to change my place. I went instead farther, that is in front of the Sun Shop and close to Smart. That proved to be a great venue for me because I can observe without looking suspicious. why? Because people lurk there all the time, either looking down or looking at passersby.

I was being patient, waiting waiting waiting. As I was waiting, I contemplated on the SM Business Model. I was really so amazed on how SM can have so many stores out there and still fill it out with a lot of people. Do take note it’s paying customers. Sun Shop was no different, I probably have seen 100 types of people going in and out of that place. And the waiting part still continues.

Then annoyingly the sun rays have started to win the place where I am. Since in third floor, the ceiling was like translucent so the rays of the sun can enter w/o any problem. Oh shit, what if the the flowers wilt because of the heat. Immediately after that I changed place again and went back closer to the Sun Shop.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. If waiting is a game then probably I am easily the champion. Finally, the sun shop customers have went out and left only a few. I knew that was the time. No, I don’t think to feel scared and coward anymore. Im a big guy, I’ve done this for like 5 times in college to her, I should’ve grown in the first place!

And finally I was able to give it………


It’s funny how that simple task has become so daunting to me. How I spent sooooo much times in implementing something that would just last for less than a minute. In a cake, all seems to be icing, very small part is the cake itself.

I’m happy because I was able to give it using just myself. I didn’t have any friends with me, didn’t have any chaperons and stuffs. Boy I’m growing up, lols. 😀

Looking at her, secretly early in that day, I think she’s very attractive . I find her lovable and amiable, I find her the woman I admired the most ever since. Thats what I always think when I go to sun shop almost everyday anyway. I thank God I’m human and I get to be able to feel these things. And I know HE guided me, the outcome would’ve entirely been different if she’s not in duty, or maybe my friends didn’t help or I didn’t find that momentum. Thnx God.

I didn’t elaboarte how I gave it to her because it would probably uhm, take another 5 paragraphs doing so. …now back to normal life.