Things that I Learned in 2011

Things that I Learned in 2011

2011 was one of the more challenging year for me. From my responsibilities as the eldest kid of the family, to me starting living independently, getting into some affairs, struggling with my office workload and etc., 2011 has made me more mature while also giving me a good deal of headaches and depressions.

I don’t want to ramble more and more and more, so for year 2011, I learned :

  • Its possible to earn money more than your age even when you’re not brilliant
  • Its hard to speak english everyday
  • Life is more than just money and things
  • I can gain weight and its not just a myth for me
  • I can consume two doubledown in a row
  • I’m in love with Taylor Swift.
  • I can be more patient than what I thought I could be
  • how to do laundry
  • how to cook myself
  • how to map the floor
  • how to do your own groceries
  • how to do your own budget and more importantly follow strictly to it.
  • how to clean your own bathroom
  • how to dispose your garbage properly
  • That riding cabs is not as harmful as what your parents tell you
  • That jeepneys really suck although its a nice test for your patience.
  • That I can stay really late outside home and its not that harmful really.
  • That eating in fastfood can really increase your weight
  • Jollibee’s breakfast steak is delicious
  • That I love KFC doubledown more than I love some people
  • I’m still one of the lowest paid employees in our company.
  • That I’m still good in playing NBA 2006 in PC
  • Derek is an awesome man since he achieved everything he wanted.
  • That my colleagues are cooler than what I thought of them last year.
  • That our company forces employees to resign rather than fire them
  • That San Mig light is really really delicious
  • That I can drink a 350 ml bottle of Gran Matador in one sitting
  • That my blog still gets lots of search engine traffic despite not giving any effort.
  • That I look better when I’m above 120 lbs. 😉
  • That my colleague Erwin is the fattest person in our office
  • That you can get 40,000 for not having any sick leave for one year
  • That I have allergic rhinitis and I’m goin to have it forever
  • That Shilah is a wonderful woman
  • That Krish is just a dream woman that will never ever be mine
  • That I have better patience than most people
  • That I’m very very professional that people would not even notice I’m mad or pissed off.
  • That my highschool friends are the best.
  • That my college friends are the most approachable ones
  • That college friends are the most humorous ones.
  • That highschool friends can be your friends forever
  • That my neighbor sucks
  • That Ely Cruz just like any human, gets offended as well.
  • That for me to enjoy food consistently, I need to learn more about cooking
  • That KFC chicken while delicious and addicting, is still “nakakasawa”.
  • That EDSA is the most absurd place ever.
  • That earphones, just like cars, need some burn in.
  • That I look good with slim-fit clothes.
  • That I look good sporting the shirt and shorts attire
  • That I’m smarter than the average person
  • That some people stink because they’re destined to stink
  • That I suck at communicating to other people
  • That I do better with written English rather than speaking English
  • That I love my family MORE THAN ANYONE
  • That I miss my family every week
  • That I care a lot for them
  • That it takes more than what I currently have to be a role model to them.
  • That novaliches bayan is still one of the shittiest place ever
  • That the word ‘maby’ is just normal for some people and not just my boss.
  • That work from province is possible if you’re a ‘province man’.
  • That the NY Knicks actually care about winning and not just having the hgihest payroll.
  • That I can write an absurd personal blog post like this.

Sooo that’s it. Cheers! 😀


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